Saturday, September 3, 2011

Got it!!!

Just got home from meeting with Lou at Upland Vac and Sew.  She loved my work and we scheduled my first class for October 15th.  I'll be teaching a Jelly Roll Race with wording applique.  She will have the fabric for the sample for me on Tuesday.  This is soooooooooooo exciting!!!  We 'll be doing it in Xmas fabric.... now I have to think of a very clever applique.  I'm sure I'll come up something.... my brain is already on over load thinking of all the possibilities!! I have some homework.... have to write the class description, supply list, put together and quilt the sample and get some pictures.  

Then.............. even MORE exciting.. she wants me to do a TRUNK SHOW on Dec. 22nd.  WOW... This is soooooooooo awesome!!  I have an hour and a half to show off my stuff and encourage people to take my classes that will be scheduled in January. 


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