Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new opportunity... I hope!!! Fingers crossed.

I got a call from Lou who owns Upland Vac and Sew on Tuesday. She asked me to come in to see her this Saturday to figure out a schedule of when I can teach!!!  Yahooooooo!!!  This will be so great!!  I also have to bring in a Bio for her to post on their new website...due to be out on the web soon.  I'll be listed as one of their teachers.  This is soooooooooo exciting. Fingers are crossed that this is going to all work out...between work, harping, quilting and teaching!! 

I also won another featherweight on ebay today.  This one was born on December 12, 1952.  From the pics and description, it appears to be in great shape.. keeping my fingers crossed on this too.  Oh no.... did I find something else to collect??  I also now need to start making plans on how to better organize my sewing room.  I'm sorta outgrowing it....and I don't have any more space to bleed into.. so time to get organized!!  There's a long weekend ahead... so I'm hoping to find some time!

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