Saturday, September 17, 2011

A very busy day................

I was looking around at some clip art and found a rainbow with butterflies that inspired to make a quilt in honor of my daughter Michelle.  Lucky me... I got 25% off these batiks beauties this morning at Ginger's Quilt Shop in Upland.  Now I have to get to the drawing board and design something special.  "After the storm, there will be a rainbow".  

Went to the post office and picked up my black 1952 featherweight I won on ebay for $280.  It came with the case (in very good condition) and a few accessories.  Very exciting....but it seems to need a LOT of work in cleaning her up... the finish needs a desperate cleaning and polishing.  From what I understand, rubbing compound and wax that is used to clean up a car is also good for restore the beauty to a featherweight.  I hope so.  Hubby is going to get me some tomorrow.  :-)

I stopped by Upland Vac and Sew and brought in the finished Christmas Jelly Roll Race quilt.  They will be displaying soon and hopefully I get a few that are interested in signing up for the class on Oct. 15th.  Lou and Rosalie loved the hopefully, they will promote the class; especially for those just wanting to learn how to quilt.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Finished off the day celebrating Taylor's birthday! 

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